Best for Colorado is a program that teaches all Colorado businesses how to create higher quality jobs, build stronger communities, and preserve a healthier environment.

We have a historic opportunity to harness the power of business to address our state's greatest challenges. Some businesses in Colorado already play a powerful role on issues ranging from youth incarceration to payday lending to food desserts. And we are proud to launch Best for Colorado to make it easy for all businesses to learn about these practices and improve their impact.

We envision that one day all companies in Colorado will compete not only to be the Best IN Colorado, but to be the Best FOR Colorado.

This program is made possible by a coalition of partners, including municipalities, business associations, banks, large employers who are committed to supporting your business in this journey.

Explanation of the three participation tiers

Best for Colorado Contestant

Best for Colorado Contestant companies complete the 30-minute online Challenge assessment and take a pledge to continue their journey of impact measurement, management, and improvement. To celebrate their participation, Challenge Contestants will:

  • Access free impact improvement resources and consultations;
  • Be featured in published case studies and social media campaigns
  • Receive invitations to private networking events and opportunities.
Best for Colorado Finalist

Best for Colorado Finalists continue their journey by finishing the full B Impact Assessment--a comprehensive evaluation of their governance, worker, community, and environmental practices--and completing a short verification call. In addition to the resources available to Contestants, Challenge Finalists will:

  • Receive a verified score on the B Impact Assessment;
  • Access additional marketing support and technical assistance
  • Receive an invitation to the annual awards ceremony.
Best for Colorado Honoree

Best for Colorado Honorees are high-performing Finalists who are recognized for their high scores on the B Impact Assessment at the end-of-program awards ceremony. They will be recognized based on performance by impact area and by region.

Honorees will receive additional marketing support within Colorado and nationally. They may also receive special technical assistance while completing the Challenge.

About the Challenge, the Assessment
and the Impact Management Platform

B Impact Assessment

The Best for Colorado Challenge is built around the B Impact Assessment, whose software and standards are developed by the nonprofit B Lab. The B Impact Assessment is used by Certified B Corporations, impact investing funds, business associations, and thousands of businesses around the world to measure and manage their impact.

B Lab is a nonprofit that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Its vision is that one day all companies will compete no only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world.

Lean more about B Lab and the B Impact Assessment in our FAQs.

Best for Colorado is driven by a coalition of partners and the community of Certified B Corporations. This program is made possible through philanthropic support from the Piton Foundation.