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Carol Cochran

Owner & Founder -


Fort Collins, CO

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Industry Sector: 
Food and Beverage

“The Best for Colorado Challenge was enlightening and thought-provoking.”

What matters most to us:

Being a positive part of our community and producing great-tasting beer are equally weighted for us! We’re not only committed to making great beer and raising the bar for Colorado craft brewing standards, but that we also want to work with other stakeholders to make more people better equipped to live securely and thrive in Colorado.

What we learned:

We learned a lot about what Colorado (and the B Corp world) thinks is important for employee wellbeing, and approximately where we stand in terms of achieving excellence in these areas. There are a couple of benchmarks we are purposefully not implementing, and the process allowed us to re-examine our rationale for that and make sure it was sound. The entire process was and continues to be a good guideline for helping us strengthen our commitment to our team.

What we did as a result:

The majority of what we learned has caused us to create some new goals and the process forced us to spend some time (always in short supply in a start-up or small business) figuring out how to achieve them. It has helped put some additional concrete measures toward achieving our company’s mission.